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Welcome to the home of ShadowCorp - a Justice guild on the Cragstone server of Crystal Saga: Origins. Our overall goal is to act as the virtual "police" of Vidalia. We seek out Evil pk-ers and provide protection from them to other players whenever possible.

Entry into ShadowCorp requires nothing more than a vow to remain only in Peace or Justice modes. Entering Evil mode for any reason, save for game events where it is required, is frowned upon - and KILLING another player while in Evil mode is forbidden.

Within the ranks of ShadowCorp are an elite group of Evil-mode hunters known as The Seekers. Seekers have their own internal rank structure and consists of ShadowCorp's most elite members. Seekers are mature, respectful, respectable, helpful and powerful - and may very well be the ONLY source of redemption for some players.

  • Once you've signed up and logged in, feel free to leave a Shout on the Home page to let us know you stopped by.
  • Within the Forums tab inside the Members Only section is a sub-thread specifically for introducing yourself to your fellow guild mates. Feel free to browse through and see who you've been playing CS with, and make your own post as well.
  • The Roster tab will have a list of all site members and their specific characters. When signing up for GuildPortal you can use any handle you like. However, on the ShadowCorp page it is preferred that we all use our in-game names to help differentiate who's who.
  • You can blog in the Library tab, or write your own Crystal Saga related fan-fiction - should you be so inclined. This page is also host to admin-generated Game Guides.
  • The Resources tab is an area where you can go to post a virtual wish-list. If there is a certain specific and REASONABLE item you are seeking in the game, your fellow guild mates can see that on this page and if, by chance, they receive this item as a drop or what have you, they might just save it for you.
  • GuildPortal has it's own embedded HTML e-mail system. Members of ShadowCorp can send, receive, and check their personal GP e-mail within the Mail tab
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